CPA Mastermind 2.0 - $500/day within 1 week Selling Price is

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Actually this is a guaranteed $1000 per day just STARTING OUT but there wasnt any more characters left for the title so I just left it at the lower end of $500.

But hey, Im still sure a guaranteed $500 per day would be enough for most people to be happy but just keep in mind its not $500 but actually $1000.

Alright lets get to it now before I start getting flooded by PMs.

First of all this is ONLY available to people living in the US. Thats where it works best and I want my new buyers to massively succeed with this so this will only be sold to 15 people residing in the United States of America. Thats it. No exceptions.

Before I start laying out the most frequently asked questions I get about this and answering them let me give you a bit of background on the method I created and have been perfecting and tweaking on for the last 2 years, CPA Mastermind, and how is it that this is version 2.0 when basically nobodys ever heard of version 1.0 (not that you should have).

I wont drag on too long but I sold this 8 months ago on a private internet marketing forum which will remain nameless for the same price ($997) to 12 people and last time we talked (me and 11 of the buyers), which was about 2.5 months ago, all of them had surpassed and were doing well over the $4000 per day mark.

Here are some of the testimonials they gave on the old sales thread and some others that I asked from them for this second time around. I was only able to get 6 of the buyers and 2 of the Moderators that got a review copy to leave a testimonial though so here they are (I also got an updated review by email from 2 of the buyers).

What are you selling exactly?
Im selling a unique method Ive been using very successfully for the last 2 years as an income stream. The guide you will be buying includes the method (offline/online CPA), all the tweaks and twists Ive made over it for guaranteed success and a few other sections which I consider premium info for anybody that hasnt been long enough in this field like how to get accepted to any CPA network (for real), how to create a special type of link youll be using to track your things offline (I said offline not online) and stuff like that. The guide is 28 pages and theres also 2 other files that come with it.

Whats your proof?
Ive got plenty of proof. Ive provided 3 of my latest payment screenshots spread over a 6 month span and Ive also gotten reviews from real buyers that actually made real money from doing this.

So why sell it then?
First this isnt my main business. Ill tell you right now that its basically guaranteed that the buyers that will do this full-time will beat my numbers I make from this (around $6500/day now) simply because I do a lot of bigger things unrelated to this method. Second this will NEVER EVER get saturated.
Cant happen. Wont happen. Sorry. Youll never even scratch the surface of 1 of what this could bring you. But Ill still only sell 15 copies because I like to keep methods that work and generally anything that I sell exclusive.

Could I get banned?
Never. This is totally whitehat and Ive had networks Im doing this email me basically begging me to scale this for a higher payout. No worries.

Any extra investment?
Honestly I call this a no-investment method because I dont really consider the few bucks youll be spending on hosting, a domain name, a toll-free number and stuff like that an investment since itll all cost you less than $50.

Any guarantee?
Try this. Do it. If in 1 week youre not making $1000/day contact me (all buyers get access to my private email address) and Ill refund you every penny (but for Gods sake do it and do yourself some good.)

If youre lazy then dont buy this end of the line period. You must TAKE ACTION on what we will discuss throughout the guide.
Otherwise dont waste my time and your time and keep on reading $27 mega ebooks that bring you nothing in the end except wasted money, efforts and hopes.
This method is easy to apply but you better apply it.

My bonuses (REAL bonuses)

* Every buyer will get a 1 hour one-on-one AIM chat session where you can ask me anything related to what was discussed in the guide, any questions, more tips etc. After youve purchased the guide contact me and well schedule a time together that fits both our schedules. Ive sold chat sessions like this before to some of my close friends and buyers for $197/hour and all were more than happy to pay the fee to get a live talk with me.

* Free lifetime updates of the guide and its content as I test, tweak and make it even more profitable. Old buyers already got version 2.0 and same will happen for the new buyers for each new version that comes out as I retest and tweak the whole process. This one is worth $997 each time.

* Ive included a REALLY neat trick Ive added to the whole process which honestly, no joke DOUBLED my profits. What this means folks is that if youre making $1000/day then applying this will make you a total of $2000/day instead. When you get your hands on this YOU tell me how much you would have been willing to pay to get something like this revealed to you after you actually see what it is.

* Ill also supply you with my private email address. Thats just normal support that I happily provide to any of my buyers.

And let me add that I for long believed autopilot income wasnt possible but honestly it is with this method. Basically once you setup one thing it will keep on making you money without you lifting a single finger (hundreds per day).

The only work involved is the time put in the initial setup. Thats it. So if after 5 months your income is $3000/day you could sit down and do nothing and youd still make $3000 because everything works on its own (wont go into more details). But obviously I recommend you scale this because easily in a year someone serious with this will very likely be making $10,000+/day.

Ill let the 2 review copies Ill be giving to 2 HIGHLY TRUSTED members on here speak for themselves. Send me a PM for the review copy and Ill let you know if you qualify. Also remember, this will ONLY sell for 15 people living in the US. Not in Canada, not in the UK, nowhere else.

Even though I live Canada and thus do it in Canada this will work ALOT better in the US and I want my buyers to make obscene amounts of money off of this so sorry to anyone else living outside the US. Another quick point is you obviously should know how to speak English in general.

I only accept payments by Xoom for which Ill provide the details after youve PMed me your full name, phone number, home address, and email address which really isnt that much of private info because thats the basic stuff a seller gets to see when you buy anything online and this is done simply because I want to prevent any retard leaking the method out. Hasnt happened and wont happen and thats the same procedure old buyers followed when I sold version 1.0 This also applies for the people that will get the review copy.

September 2010 Paid Earnings Proof
December 2010 Paid Earnings Proof
February 2011 Paid Earnings Proof

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CPA Mastermind 2.0 - $500/day within 1 week Selling Price is CPA Mastermind 2.0 - $500/day within 1 week Selling Price is cpa mastermind;make money 131351474 2.97 ismedia Fresh Download Available!
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